Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Starting the Slique in 60 Challenge 1

Welcome to Kristin's Building a Healthy Living Temple journey with the Slique in 60 challenge from Young Living!  This challenge began January 9th 2017.  Today is Day two!  As a part of the challenge I will be making a video blog daily of what I am doing and where I am at in the challenge!

This is my before pictures taken on the day I signed up for the challenge January 1st 2017

They are not my favorite pictures in the world but in order to encourage others in their journey I am posting them here!  I am committed to become healthier and happier in this Living Temple that God has given me!  There will be two Slique in 60 Challenges that I will post here.  If you are looking for tips on how to Build a Healthy Living Temple I have started a group on Facebook to help support those who are in that journey as well!  That group is not limited to the Slique in 60 Challenge and is a Christian Faith based healthy living group.  You can join it by clicking this link:  Building a Healthy Living Temple Wellness 2017 

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