Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 60

Day 60 of the Slique in 60 Challenge

Can you believe that it is day 60 already? That was a fast challenge but the challenge for me isn't over yet! I am going to be doing the Young Living Slique in 60 Challenge two starting in just a few days!

Come join me in this challenge! Contact me for more information and I will help you get signed up! :)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 59

Day 59 Slique in 60 challenge

I can't believe how fast this has gone. Way too fast! Who wants to join in with me for Challenge 2? If you would like to join in please contact me through my Facebook page

You can message me there and I will get you all the information about joining in before the cut off date! :)

Day 58

Day 58 Slique in 60 challenge

I did a live video on my FB page today all about the challenge and how I am doing. It is public so you can find it there! Here is my normal blog video :)

Day 57

Day 57 Slique in 60 challenge

Join me in the next challenge!

Day 56

Day 56 Slique in 60 Challenge

I lost a little this week. Less then a pound to go before my original full challenge goal. I am working hard to get there!

Day 55

Day 55 Slique in 60 Challenge

Had fun with my family today out and about at the science center! :)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 54

Day 54 Slique in 60 challenge

I upped the intensity of my work out this morning! I really want to break this plateau fast. Less then a week left!

Day 53

Day 53 Slique in 60 challenge

I am on another little plateau! I won't let this one last as long as the other one! I need to make my goal! Working extra hard! :)

Day 52

Day 52 Slique in 60 Challenge

Not much to report today! I remembered to make my video after I had already gone to bed. Went for another walk! That is always good!

Day 51

Day 51 of the slique in 60 challenge

The day you realize that your thighs aren't rubbing together as much as they used to is a pretty good day!  What could be better?  The day you don't recognize your own shrinking shadow!  Now that is a good day!